Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Malaysia's oldest traditional Chinese temple

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Past Activities
1994 Beginning of Big scale clearing of whole of Bukit Jelutong Cemetery of all undergrowth, shrubs, etc. for 'Cheng Beng' (All souls day)
1997 Collapse of roof above Mah Choe Diety. Formation of Restoration Committee.
2001  Completion of Restoration of Main Temple building.
2002 Receipt of UNESCO Award of Merit for Cuture Heritage building.
2004 Second Phase Restoration of side bays/auxillary buildings of Main Temple.
2004 Construction of 2 units Funeral Parlours on part of lot 439, Batu Berendam, Melaka.
2004 Groundwork preparation for Serene Park comprising 1 Temple building, 2 units pavillion niches and wall niches.
2005 Restoration of Theatre Stage, completed in 2007.
2006 Resoration of Poh San Teng Temple, Bukit China, completed March 2007.
2007 Opera performance on newly restored stage by Fujian Opera group from Zhang Zhou, Fujian, China.
2010 Construction of Crematorium, completed in March 2012.
2012 Extension to 2 units - Funeral Parlours.
2012 Proposed to build an additional 1 units of Funeral Parlour.
2007 Troupe from Zhang Zhou             Perform from: (5 nights - 28-7-07 to 1-8-07)
2008 Troupe from Zhang Zhou             Perform from: (5 nights - 17-7-08 to 21-7-07)
2009 Troupe from Zheng Zhou             Perform from: (5 nights - 5-8-09 to 9-8-09)
2010 Hainanese Opera Troupe             Perform from: (3 nights - 28-7-10 to 30-7-10)
2011 Cantonese Opera from Perak       Perform from: (4 nights - 16-7-11 to 19-7-11)
2012 Troupe from Zheng Zhou             Perform from: (4 nights - 5-8-12 to 8-8-12)

Besides Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple incorporated manages eight other temples. These are:-

Poh San Teng Yong Chuan Tian
Cheng Wah Keong Geok Ee Keong
Thian Teck Keong Leong San Teng
Wah Teck Keong Keok Kang Bio


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The temple continues to serve the spiritual needs of the Chinese community in Malacca. It is a centre for the propagation of...

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